Detect -> Identification

Artificial intelligence is changing the face of security. A wide range of industries and organizations are rapidly adopting machine learning in their operations. AI-based learning solutions have the ability to perform tasks like detecting firearms or weapons far beyond the capability of an individual officer. Through deep learning, our neural network allows for real-time gun detection and weapon identification.

Computer vision and machine learning provide precision accuracy, eliminating the risk of human error. Your eyes may deceive you, but nothing gets past our robust AI solution. Neural networks use massive databases of relevant images and advanced camera technology and software to identify potential weapons instantaneously.

Real-time detection of weapons adds precious seconds or even minutes to response for law enforcement. There are numerous situations in which seconds are critical- and the ability to detect, identify, and neutralize a threat that would otherwise go unnoticed is invaluable.

By using AI-driven software alongside cutting-edge camera technology, we can identify threats in an instant. At the same time we detect a threat we log that threat in a database for evidentiary or investigative efforts. Our technology enables you to visually identify the number of threats both the weapon and the shooter as hard evidence.

Neural Nets Decipher What IS and what IS NOT a gun

When officers are faced with potentially dangerous situations emotions can run high. AI solutions do not have the same problem. Machine-learning will identify what is and is not a gun and respond accordingly. Less false positives and instant, accurate identification will not only make your officers safer- it will streamline the ability of your department to respond to threats.

Threats are always changing and to police effectively, it is imperative that law enforcement use every tool available to get the job done. AI solutions are currently revolutionizing the way you identify threats and protect yourself.

Locate -> Tracking

Real-time location of the firearm is pinpointed using Artificial Intelligence driven data solutions alongside camera lens. In addition to the surveillance system, the data log creates a time stamp of the exact moment the firearm is identified. All relevant data for that incident is stored in a secure data server for later use in an investigation or trial. This can be handy when filing an insurance claim or working within the criminal/civil justice system.

Hawkai helps avoid confusion and saves time by providing law enforcement with the exact location of the gun once in view. Data is crucial to success in any modern endeavor- your protection is no different. One of the more common issues law enforcement has is determining who is an active threat and who is merely a bystander. Our technology can help law enforcement make critical, split-second decisions with the help of neural net artificial intelligence systems.

Our system allows the relevant authorities to track the subject from the moment they commit the crime until they leave the premises. By using this AI-driven tracking tech, law enforcement or investigative agencies can find hidden weapons along with other items that may be stored in the same area.

The ability to locate and track targets in real-time will save you and those investigating incidents a great deal of time. In these situations, time is of the essence, and every edge that neural net technology can give you is essential. Neural net driven surveillance solutions can help you create an accurate and documented timeline of an incident, from start to finish.

Criminals have access to more tools than ever- and to be secure, it is crucial you retain defenses of your own. Using our AI system to locate and track weapons can help save lives and property.

Alert -> Response

Instantly communicates the threat to law enforcement via text message, email, or via a phone call. Notification with vital information includes a still image of the armed subject along with a time stamp. Subject’s movements are tracked, and pictures with the exact location are sent continuously via text message, email, and phone. This streamlined process eliminates confusion by streamlining communication and providing real-time information.

The Solution to Fight Crime is Ai

Whether shots are fired or not, instant alerts are sent once a gun has been exposed visible to the security camera. These alerts help to expedite response time and increase the speed of police dispatch. Law enforcement will have valuable information along with photos on hand when approaching the potential threat. Information is power- and Hawkai is a useful data-driven tool for law enforcement officers.

The capabilities of law enforcement will be enhanced by being able to provide admissible evidence with a photo of the subject holding the weapon which will help prosecutors increase their conviction rate. An increased rate of convictions means fewer criminals on the street preying on vulnerable Americans. Faster response time will also help law enforcement to prioritize the truly important calls and spend less time wasted on the minutiae of paperwork.

Gun violence is a scourge in our society, particularly in our inner cities. Many effective solutions lack the political will or are simply too expensive to implement on a large scale. Artificial intelligence neural nets have the power to create a radical paradigm-shift towards more efficient surveillance and follow-up of gun-related crimes. These systems were tested in some of the most crime-ridden inner cities in the United States and helped reduced violence- which led to the development of our model for creating a safer and more prosperous America.