The Advantage of HawkAi

The detection and identification capabilities offered by Hawkeye can give you the advantage in a desperate situation. Identifying and tracking firearms with near-perfect precision combined with our early warning and evidence collection systems gives your home, business, or law enforcement agency the ability to respond to threats more effectively, whether they are armed intruders, burglars, rioters, or any of the above.

Once our system has notified relevant authorities we pride ourselves on our industry standard evidence collection chains that make the jobs of law enforcement officials, insurance adjusters, and private investigators that much easier. Hawkai can give you the advantages you need to survive- and thrive.

Your Safety First

Our primary responsibility is ensuring that you, your friends and family, customers and whoever else visits your property is safe and secure. Hawkai helps to make sure those that you care about are covered by a data-driven artificial intelligence system that identifies, categorizes and reports firearm and weapon based threats at the speed of light.

Real-time detection can help law enforcement authorities respond to a call much faster, with more relevant information. Any LEO will tell you- time matters- and Hawkai can create valuable response time efficiencies that can help prevent loss of property- and most importantly- can help save lives.

While we all strive to protect what is ours- sometimes you need a little help to defend your life and the lives of the ones you love. Hawkai, in conjunction with law enforcement, can help keep you safe and secure.

Buying Time

In high-stress situations, confusion can be a killer. When authorities run into dangerous situations, problems are compounded when the information on the ground is not accurate. Our artificial-intelligence driven system helps get information into the hands of law enforcement to better respond to threat critical incidents.

The average commercial break-in takes 10 minutes or less, and similar statistics apply to a wide range of violent incidents. These issues can occur in a flash, and time spent determining whether or not a suspect is armed is time that could be better used to neutralize the threat. With Hawkai’s neural net watching over your property, you can rest easy knowing that first responders will have the information they need to stop and apprehend intruders, armed gunmen, or burglars.

Not only will having more information help law enforcement, but rapid notification of crimes in progress is also the best way to ensure that those responsible are caught and brought to justice. Catching someone in the act gives the justice system and prosecutors more ammunition in their fight to keep the streets safe. Hawkai can help keep criminals out of the revolving door justice system and off the streets.

Hard Evidence

Prevention and apprehension are the first two steps in making yourself, and your community safer. Unless law enforcement is able to prove charges against perpetrators, they will likely continue to victimize our communities. In addition, insurance claims adjusters, attorneys, and other professionals that work in the aftermath of a criminal incident require massive amounts of documentation to get your claims paid on time.

An evidentiary chain can also help investigators create a timeline of the incident. Once this timeline is established, it becomes much easier to convict in a court of law. Most burglars and violent offenders are in and out of the criminal justice system, and any edge that you can hand the justice system will prevent the same people from terrorizing your business or neighborhood. Police are there most of the time, but we cannot ask them to do everything. Enabling a Hawkai artificial intelligence solution to protect your business is great for you and your community.

Instant Alerts

Hawkai’s artificial intelligence neural net technology is always online, and always ready to alert you and law enforcement of potential threats. The system can see the difference between firearms and similar items, and if a threat is detected the system makes a notation while simultaneously sending an alert to the relevant authorities. Once alerted, the system continues to track the progress and location of the subject while keeping all important parties notified of new developments.

Alerts are sent directly to any phone number you provide, as well as email and other contact channels that you specify. For law enforcement, alerts are sent via regional distress systems, text, email and phone. After an incident is over the system stores all relevant weapon data and tracking information for later use. Appropriate parties can be allowed to access the data for use in criminal trials, insurance proceedings, or other relevant situations.